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Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose began his career as a professional horse trainer and clinician in 2005. Ryan soon realized that in order to have success as a horse trainer and clinician, he needed to become a horseman. Ryan has studied with many top world-class horseman, spending four years with Pat Parelli.

Ryan now teaches workshops and clinics all over the world as well as running a comprehensive training program at his home in Wisconsin. Ryan’s passion is in creating partnerships between horses and their owners.

His skills in horse development and his teaching set him apart. He also enjoys competing and training horses in ranch versatility.

Please visit Ryan’s calendar of events to see workshops and clinics near you as well as the Rose Horsemanship Center page to find services offered such as training and internship programs. Also, sign up for Ryan’s newsletter for the latest information of upcoming events, blogs, student profiles and much more. You can also follow Ryan on Facebook, Patreon, and YouTube.

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Emily Rose

Ryan’s wife Emily is also part of the Rose Horsemanship Center team.  She works closely with Ryan on overall farm operations.  Emily is a Certified Equine Rehabilitation Practitioner and human Physical Therapist.  Emily combines her passions of equine sports medicine and human physical therapy to help horses and humans achieve peak performance and recovery.  Emily owns her own ambulatory and on-site equine rehabilitation practice, Reaching Strides Equine Rehabilitation.  Emily actively competes in dressage and has earned her USDF Bronze Medal achievement award.

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