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Ryan Rose Horsemanship Community with Patreon

At Rose Horsemanship we believe that everyone can live their dream with their horse. Whether it’s being safe on a trail ride, riding bareback and bridleless on a beach or competing at the highest levels. Our Rose Horsemanship Community is designed to allow us to be your horsemanship guide.  Become a member and explore hundreds of training videos.  

This program is specifically designed to be a community!  You can comment directly on videos, receive support from others and Ryan himself.  He personally responds to many comments, messages and questions, giving you immediate feedback to help improve your horsemanship.  

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Instant access to 100+ training videos

  • Exclusive Voting Power 

  • Early Access to Videos 

  • Q&A Priority

  • Patreon Shout-Out on YouTube Videos

  • Being Part of our Exciting Monthly Giveaways

All for Only $10 a Month!

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