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Our Story

Ryan and his wife Emily started Rose Horsemanship Center in Spring of 2017. They have been building the Center from the ground up in order to offer their clients and students a welcoming environment focused on horse development and learning.  Rose Horsemanship Center features both an outdoor and indoor riding arena, round pen, and playground with riding obstacles as well as comfortable stalls and outdoor turnout for your horses.

Reaching Strides Equine Rehabilitation, LLC is also based out of Rose Horsemanship Center and offers haul-in session as well as rehab stalls for longer term needs.  To learn more about this option, visit



A clinic is a 2, 3, 4, or 5-day event dedicated to helping you improve your horsemanship. You’ll be spending time learning theory, gaining feel in simulations, and then getting out there practicing with your horse. You’ll gain experience with your mistakes and achieve your goals through excellent instruction.


Workshops are a flexible way to receive instruction. Each workshop will have a specific theme such as Lead Changes, Ground Skills, Trailer Loading and more!

Horse Development

We offer Colt Starting, Foundation Training, Problem Solving, and Specialization which are offered at Rose Horsemanship Center near Madison, Wisconsin. 

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